Wedding Cake Picture Gallery

A wedding is truly one of the most special days in your life.

Situated in the heart of the Willamette Valley we are centrally located for delivery to your event!!

"Baby Breath Love"

"A Drop of Color"

"Autumn Love"

"A Touch of Spring"

"Burlap and Lace"

"Golden Love"

"Purple Passion"

"Holidays and Love"

"Day at the Beach"

"Fall Magic"

"Little Bit of Camo"

"Simply Elegant"

"Whimsical Dots"

                       "Peach Lillies"                                   

"Simply Blue"

"Double Delight"

"Simply Roses"

"Black Lace Elegance"

"Quilted Beginnings"

"Sunflower Love"


"Country Dreams"

"Prince Charming Love"

                      " Golden Elegance"

                     " Magical Meadow"

"Textured and Tiered"

"Shabby Chic"

"Country Roses"

"Purple Hearts"

"Drapes of Fondant"

                     "Blue Hearts"

                    "Daisies and Dreams"

"White on White"

"Vines and Roses"

"Peaches and Roses"


"Mauve & Flowers"


                          "Violets are Blue"

"Vintage Love"

                           "Sheer Elegance"

                         "Fall Magic"

                             "Fall Burlap"

                          "Purple Roses"

                       "Roses and Dots"

                       "Blues and Shoes"

"Camo Dreams"


"Country Love"

"Violet and Lovely"

"Softly Quilted"


"Half and Half"

"Draped In Love"

"Pale Blues"

"Teal and White"

"True Blue"